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Are we past the worst of it?

caption: The sun sets on downtown Seattle on Tuesday, December 5, 2017.
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The sun sets on downtown Seattle on Tuesday, December 5, 2017.
KUOW Photo/Megan Farmer

By one projection, the peak of Washington’s COVID-19 infections is behind us. Is that modeling overly rosy? Throw out what you think you know about critically ill coronavirus patients: they’re not all who you think they are. And in the age of Zoom happy hours, how are you protecting your digital privacy?

IHME says we've passed the peak

You know that curve we’re supposed to be flattening with our handwashing and social distance? The latest modeling from the UW’s Institute of Health Metrics and Evaluation suggests that the peak of it is behind us. KUOW’s Kate Walters reports.

Washington state epidemiologist

But is that modeling overly rosy? And as Washington gives back ventilators and passes on additional hospital beds, will that optimism come back to haunt us? Washington state epidemiologist Scott Lindquist answers those and other questions

Critically ill COVID-19 patients: study

A lot of the generalizations that came out in the early days of the novel coronavirus – it was only dangerous for the elderly, young healthy people with no comorbidities should be fine – have proven false. Nowhere is that more clearly illustrated by a surprising study of 24 critically ill COVID-19 patients. Pavan Bhatraju is a pulmonary and critical care physician at the UW School of Medicine, and the study’s lead author.

State privacy officer

Suddenly all your medical appointments have moved to tele-health, you’re doing all your socializing via Zoom, your office has instituted a mandatory Microsoft Teams policy. How are you protecting yourself in this brave new digital world? Katy Ruckle is Washington state’s Chief

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