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How can you be a better ally? Ask a transgender person

The KUOW "Ask A..." ®series seeks to confront "otherness" between members of our community.

We bring together groups of strangers from various walks of life. They get to know each other by asking questions and sharing experiences.

As Pride festivities continued throughout June, KUOW’s "Ask A" ®team took the opportunity to invite in members of Seattle’s Trans community together for another "Ask A Transgender person" event.

We took some of the participants aside to hear about the experience and ask questions. We hear from Nick, 15, Ashley, 50, and Jay, 16, on the challenges transgender people of various ages face from a generational perspective.

This KUOW ‘Ask A Transgender person’ event took place on June 15.

Listen to more excerpts from the event below:

Danielle, Eve, Ashley and Spencer

Participants share their thoughts on opinions and personal stories about frictions within the LGBTQ+ community.

caption: Ask A Transgender Participants
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1 of 3 Ask A Transgender Participants
KUOW Photo/Kristin Leong

Spencer, Ashley and Jennifer

Participants share their thoughts on the positive and problematic representations of the trans community in media

caption: Ask A Transgender Person Participants
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Ask A Transgender Person Participants
KUOW Photo/Kristin Leong
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