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Bartell departs from downtown… sort of

caption: Soon this location of Washington's own drugstores will be no more.
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Soon this location of Washington's own drugstores will be no more.
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What does it mean when you close one store due to crime, but leave two others in a four block radius? Mayor Durkan’s new budget is out. And a Seattle woman struggles with whether or not she could have saved her son.

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Bartell departs Union and 3rd

Like the early twenty-something within all of us, Bartell Drugs is breaking their lease. They’re closing their downtown store because, they say, theft at the Third and Union location made the cost of doing business there untenable. Jon Scholes, President and CEO of the Downtown Seattle Association, spoke about how rising crime and increased city regulation have affected his members.

Durkan's new budget

Mayor Jenny Durkan released her new budget yesterday; she says next year she will “usher in a new era in the fight against homelessness.” Part of that era includes funds to remove so-called prolific offenders from the streets. She spoke with Bill Radke about what she said regarding last year’s budget, and what’s next.

Paula Becker, A House on Stilts

When your child goes down the wrong path, it’s hard not to wonder at least a little bit if it was something you did that caused them to go astray. When Paula Becker’s son Hunter began to use opioids, she asked herself the same. Her new memoir is called A House on Stilts: Mothering in the Age of Opioid Addiction.

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