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caption: Mikaela Kiner at Third Place Books
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Mikaela Kiner at Third Place Books
Credit: KUOW Photo/Jennie Cecil Moore

Author tackles workplace sexism women face: ‘You belong at the table’

The list of indignities is long: bullied, sexually harassed, talked over, passed over, mansplained, underpaid, under-appreciated. It goes on. That’s what it’s like to go to work for far too many women.

Who are the leaders prepared to counter workplace inequality and injustice? Author Mikaela Kiner sought them out for her book Female Firebrands: Stories and Techniques to Ignite Change, Take Control, and Succeed in the Workplace.

Kiner's work explores the stories of thirteen professional women, detailing the challenges they encounter and how to overcome them.

Take Cheryl: After a presentation, a client told her “You sure are smarter than you look.” Her response: “You don’t ever say that to anyone. And I don’t ever want you to say that again.”

In this talk, Kiner lays out the structure of her book and some of the dilemmas many women face. She suggests ways to respond, how to “find your mantra,”and how to address female rivalry and be an advocate for women.

Mikaela Kiner is a veteran HR professional and the Founder/CEO of Reverb, a Seattle-based consulting company focused on people operations. She spoke at Third Place Books Seward Park on January 7. KUOW’s Jennie Cecil Moore recorded her talk.