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Black In Seattle: Video And Tweets From Washington Hall

caption: The panel of guest speakers at "Black In Seattle" listen as an audience member adds to the conversation.
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The panel of guest speakers at "Black In Seattle" listen as an audience member adds to the conversation.
KUOW/Bond Huberman

In late October 2013, KUOW aired Tonya Mosley’s four-part series Black in Seattle. The series immediately struck a chord for listeners throughout the Puget Sound area. 

Historic Seattle/Washington Hall and KUOW continued the conversation at Washington Hall on Nov. 13.  

About The Panelists

After the event was publicized, Trish Millines Dziko, founder of Technology Access Foundation and Sandra Jackson-Dumont, deputy director education and public programs at Seattle Art Museum, joined our guest panel. 

Jace ECAj is a member of the hip-hop crew Black Stax, an original member of the Silent Lambs Project, as well as one of the founders of the Dope Emporium Hip-Hop Festival.

(Unable to attend) Rahwa Habte is an organizer for One America. She was the co-founder of Hidmo, a restaurant and community space in the Central District. For her work through Hidmo, Rahwa was given Seattle University Albers School of Business’ first annual Red Winged Leadership Award in 2010.  Rahwa serves on the board of The Vera Project and on the steering committee of HidmoNEXT. 

Felicia Loud is a soul singer and performer. She is a member of the hip-hop crew Black Stax and also records and performs with her band The Soul.

Tonya Mosley is an award-winning journalist, producer and media coach. Tonya’s work is currently featured on Al Jazeera America, Seattle Channel, Huffington Post, KUOW 94.9, Seattle Magazine, and She is the recipient of KUOW’s Project Venture Fund, creating the piece “Black in Seattle.”

Shaun Scott is an independent filmmaker from Seattle. His first film, "Seat of Empire: Seattle Since 1909," was the recipient of a 2008 Mayor’s Office of Arts & Cultural Affairs City-Artist Award. He is currently at work on his second project, a critical panorama of 20th century capitalism and consumption, entitled “Waste of Time: Capitalism, Consumption, and the Quest for Renewal.”

Sharon N. Williams is the managing director at Central District Forum for Arts and Ideas. She is also the producing director of The Mahogany Project.

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