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Calling for better working conditions, PAC-12 athletes say #WeAreUnited

caption: Will football fields be empty this fall?
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Will football fields be empty this fall?

With football at risk, do student athletes have new leverage for the first time? How COVID-19 has been handled by the Seattle Indian Health Board. How the pandemic has affected a small business. And the fight to reduce or even zero out prison populations.

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PAC-12 athletes throw the gauntlet

Last night, PAC-12 athletes issued a set of demands that were sparked by, but not limited to, COVID. The letter was a perfect storm of the racial inequity, health disparities, and vast economic imbalance that college sports perpetuate. The Athletic’s Michael-Shawn Dugar joined Zaki Hamid to discuss it.

Seattle Indian Health Board's COVID response

In mid-March, the Seattle Indian Health Board asked county, state, and federal health agencies to send medical supplies and test kits to be used in the fight against COVID-19. Instead, they were sent body bags. Esther Lucero is SIHB’s CEO, and detailed what’s changed since that rocky start.

Molly Moon 2.0

Molly Moon Neitzel shares the economic impact of coronavirus on her small business.

Dan Berger on decarceration in the time of COVID

Early on in the pandemic, nursing homes emerged as hotbeds of novel coronavirus transmission. But there’s another congregate housing setting that’s become the source of massive outbreaks: jails and prisons. Dan Berger is a UW Bothell prison historian who says the time is past due to decarcerate.

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