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caption: Lilly Fowler, Brandi Kruse, Chris Bennett, and Bill Radke.
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Lilly Fowler, Brandi Kruse, Chris Bennett, and Bill Radke.
Credit: KUOW Photo/Alison Bruzek

Controversy over the city's app and criminal reoffenders this week

Bill Radke reviews the week's news with Brandi Kruse, correspondent at Q13 News, Lilly Fowler, reporter at Crosscut, and Chris Bennett, publisher and editor at the Seattle Medium.

Posters appeared this week in parts of Seattle, advertising the city's "Find It, Fix It" app. The posters encourage users to report the locations of tents. What was the intent behind the postings?

We also discuss the upcoming Seattle City Council primary. How different will the council be after this year's election?

Plus: Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan and the City Council are battling over how to use the surplus funds from the city's soda tax. Who will win? And what does it mean for community groups and providers?

And a man with a history of randomly attacking people, allegedly threw a coffee on a toddler earlier this week. We look at how the city is dealing with offenders with a history of mental health problems, who cycle through the criminal justice system.

Finally: Will affirmative action be on the ballot (again) this November? And can you tell us how to get, how to get to Sesame Street?