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caption: A sign on Interstate 82 welcomes visitors to Yakima
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A sign on Interstate 82 welcomes visitors to Yakima
Credit: Flickr Photo/bewareofdog (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)/

Coronavirus beyond the Emerald Curtain

COVID across WA, calls with the mayor, and a look at pandemic policy.

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Nick Deshais and Enrique Perez de la Rosa

While the first known case of the novel coronavirus was documented in the Seattle area, Washington’s COVID-19 outbreak is far from concentrated on the west side of the state. Northwest Public Broadcasting’s Nick Deshais and Enrique Pérez de la Rosa shared the view from West and Central Washington.

Jenny Durkan 4/2

Mayor Jenny Durkan takes your calls with us every Thursday. Today: many people in the Seattle area are suffering, from homeless veterans to taxi drivers to nurses at inpatient addiction facilities with inadequate PPE. What can the city do to help?

Ben Brunjes, PPE

The coronavirus crisis is just getting started in the US, but this week the Department of Homeland Security announced that the national emergency stockpile of critical medical equipment is nearly exhausted. When he was at DHS, University of Washington Evans School professor Ben Brunjes helped write some of the policies guiding America’s pandemic response. He joined Bill Radke to explain how we got to where we are.