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caption: The inherently nocturnal criminal's greatest accomplice.
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The inherently nocturnal criminal's greatest accomplice.

'Criminals sleep in': the crime-fighting case for Daylight Savings Time

How pushing back the golden hour might boost public safety. Also, what can we learn from his Starbucks background now that Howard Schultz has announced for president? We learn about the ransomware attack on the city of Sammamish, and how right-handedness might be tied to breastfeeding.

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DST: busting crime since 1895

Democracy might die in darkness, but criminality thrives, says Steve Calandrillo at the University of Washington's School of Law. That is but one of many reasons he feels that Washington should embrace the forward time shift for good.

Schultz's Starbucks record

Beating Jay Inslee to the nearly-inevitable punch, Starbucks founder Howard Schultz has declared his candidacy for president. He’s running as an independent, so we can’t attach party labels to his potential platforms. We asked Nancy Koehn, Harvard Business School historian, about what we could learn from his tenure at the coffee behemoth.

Sammamish Ransomware

The city of Sammamish has declared an emergency after its systems were locked by a ransomware attack. Why would a hacker target a city of 45,000 people? It’s a little lure that can hook bigger fish, says the City of Kirkland’s Chief Information Officer Brenda Cooper. The Target hack started with an HVAC vendor and led to millions of credit cards - and small municipal hacks could go as high as the FBI.

Handedness and breastfeeding

Are you a left-handed person? Creative, unique, and at the mercy of a right-handed world… perhaps because of whether or not you were breastfed. New research by Philip Hujole, a professor of dentistry and epidemiology at the University of Washington, suggests the two are linked. But while his research sheds some light on what forms those brain pathways, there is still no good explanation for ongoing – you might even say sinister – left-handed shade.

Are music festivals in decline?

Music festivals are in decline - Bumbershoot's numbers are dropping, people are calling for boycotts of Coachella, and Upstream and Sasquatch have both gone under. (And all of these trends were underway BEFORE the Fyre Festival documentaries were released.) We asked Lester Black, a staff writer at The Stranger, what gives.