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caption: David Barsamian at Town Hall Seattle
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David Barsamian at Town Hall Seattle
Credit: KUOW Photo/Jennie Cecil Moore

David Barsamian’s call to focus your rage

Fans of Alternative Radio appreciate its dependable presentation of progressive thinkers. David Barsamian is the force behind the long-running public radio program.

He’s been on the road celebrating the 34th anniversary of his show, which he jokes only came about due to his failure as a sitarist.

But Barsamian is not much of a joker. He’s disturbed by where our democracy is trending, all squirrel distractions considered.

“So when you hear, ‘There’s no money for different human needs,' you should be exploding in anger, but I want you to channel that anger into something positive. Rage that is not focused is really not doing anything.”

Here, David Barsamian covers a full range of topics: the need for community in overcoming isolation, climate disruption (not the euphemistic "change"), extreme trolling of women leaders, the "stench of fascism in the air," a visit he had from the FBI, our "cultural Kardashianation," turning the meaning of the words on the Statue of Liberty upside down, and why elections matter.

David Barsamian gave this talk, Rise and Resist: Activism in the Age of Trump, on October 22 at Town Hall Seattle. KUOW’s Jennie Cecil Moore recorded the event.