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Driving through Washington on poetic roads

caption: Road Heading Towards English Camp (Yacht Haven, San Juan Island).
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Road Heading Towards English Camp (Yacht Haven, San Juan Island).

A state map in poems. Deportation flights in a sanctuary city. Is there an evangelical case for climate change activism? And what one Democrat thinks of impeachment.

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Claudia Castro Luna, Washington Poetic Routes

When you think of seeing Washington state, what’s the first thing that comes to your mind? Forests? Rivers? Apple orchards? Mountains? State poet laureate Claudia Castro Luna has seen it all. For her latest project, Washington Poetic Routes, she’s been crisscrossing the state in search of verse.

Deportations from Boeing Field

King County is moving to ban deportations at Boeing Field. What does it mean to be a sanctuary city, and what can local officials really do? We asked KUOW’s immigration reporter Esmy Jimenez.

Matthew Sleeth, Reforesting Faith

When you say the phrase “I believe in climate change,” it almost makes science sound like religion. Which one do you believe in? Matthew Sleeth has faith in both. An emergency room physician and evangelical leader, he’s author of the book Reforesting Faith: What Trees Teach Us about the Nature of God and His Love for Us.

Kim Schrier on impeachment

Kim Schrier represents eastern King and Pierce counties. And, she says, she’s skeptical about the Democratic presidential field’s rush to call for impeachment of president Trump. There are divisions between progressive and more moderate Democrats, and they make themselves known when legislators return to their home districts.

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