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Eat at your own risk

caption: Buyer beware: the shutdown means the FDA has left us in the Wild West of foodborne illness.
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Buyer beware: the shutdown means the FDA has left us in the Wild West of foodborne illness.

Sooo, the FDA isn’t inspecting your food at the moment – easy on the salads? Farther from home, what are some ways to stay safe while you travel? We look inside the world of elite youth sports. And: Sephora wants to sell you $24 Kush Mascara. What a time to be alive.

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FDA inspections halted

With the government partly shut down, the FDA has stopped inspecting seafood, fruits, vegetables, and soft cheeses. What does that mean for you and your groceries? We asked Bruce Clark of lawfirm Marler Clark, which has spent 20 years representing people with foodborne illnesses.

Travel safe!

Dr. Christopher Sanford is a University of Washington professor of family medicine and global health, and in his new book Staying Healthy Abroad, he wants to reassure you that you can travel and be just fine. Just… maybe don’t ride on the top of any buses.

Gee Scott

Youth sports is a $1.7B business. How did that happen? Has it changed over time? We asked Gee Scott, host of the podcast Seahawks Gameday and KIRO nights. His son has just committed to a Division 1 school, and he says that part of the reason he got so good was by not specializing – or buying his way to the top.

Kush mascara? What will they think of next

If the hype is to be believed, CBD will do everything from cure your cancer to plump your lashes. The problem is that these claims are both dubiously scientific and totally unregulated, says Bruce Barcott, who’s deputy editor of cannabis publication Leafly. The compound HAS been proven quite effective in treating epilepsy and chronic pain – and its availability in the US has increased thanks to a surprising legislative shepherd: the gentleman from Kentucky, Mitch McConnell.

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