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Eating apples and talking politics this week

caption: David Kroman, Paige Cornwell, Bill Radke, and Karen Weise
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David Kroman, Paige Cornwell, Bill Radke, and Karen Weise

Bill Radke reviews the week's news with David Kroman of Crosscut, Paige Cornwell of the Seattle Times, and Karen Weise of the New York Times.

This week, initiative 976 is put on hold by a Washington court - is it Attorney General Bob Ferguson's fault? And speaking of courts, the third avenue entrance to the King County Courthouse has been closed until January due to fear of violence. But will that solve the problem?

Plus, the November elections may be over but we're still finding out who won. Three Eastside races had recounts - is that normal? And a joint regional authority on homelessness is one step closer to becoming reality. But what did it take to get it there?

Also, there have been 16 lawsuits against Amazon about one specific product - hover boards. Does Amazon sell unsafe merchandise? And is it their fault?

Washington has been named the number one state in the US - but do we deserve the title? And speaking of title's, existential has been named the word of the year. But is that really what describes 2019?

Finally, we're taking a bite out of the newly available cosmic crisp apple to let you know if it's worth the fuss. (Spoiler: it's pretty good)

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