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caption: Ignite Seattle 40 speakers on stage at Town Hall Seattle
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Ignite Seattle 40 speakers on stage at Town Hall Seattle
Credit: Courtesy of Ignite Seattle

Everyday superheroes tell their stories

Every time an Ignite Seattle event comes around we wax a bit about what a treasure this series is.

Back in 2006, a group of volunteers came together to consider the ways we connect, or fail to connect, in these times. They wanted people to hear, see and get to know each other better, through storytelling.

These are not professional storytellers. They are the people all around us finding ways to navigate life in the twenty-first century, just like us. In fact, we are all encouraged to tell our own story.

If you haven’t been introduced to the series, the mission is to “provide a fun and supportive forum for sharing diverse ideas, hearing challenging stories, and building a community of curious and open minded people.”

The list of speakers and talks:

The guest emcee for Ignite Seattle 40 was Rovina Broomfield. This event took place on October 3, 2019 at Town Hall Seattle. Ignite Seattle 41 is coming up on February 27.

Please note: Some of these talks contain themes of an adult nature.