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Fire in the skies

caption: A truck speeds away from the scene of a burgeoning fire.
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A truck speeds away from the scene of a burgeoning fire.

With much of the West either ablaze or seeing bad air quality, a look at where we are in Washington. A look at the protests that became contentious Monday, with 22 arrests and several instances of police violence. Why aren’t we testing people who aren’t showing COVID-19 symptoms? And a chat with Margaret Atwood.

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News makers on Washington fires

Reporters have a unique view on disasters – as everyone else flees, they head towards the scene of the chaos. Evan Ellis is news director of Pullman radio station KQQQ, and told Ross Reynolds what it was like to drive through the town of Malden after it had been engulfed in flames. And the Northwest News Network’s Anna King continues her reporting on firefighting, firefighters, and what effect the blazes might have on the spread of COVID-19.

Labor Day protests get violent

Police confrontations with large crowds have ebbed in Seattle since the first month of the George Floyd uprisings in support of Black lives. But this Monday, 22 people were arrested as videos of police violence were published from the scene. To understand what happened, we asked someone who was there. Rich Smith is a staff writer for The Stranger.

We need a plan for asymptomatic testing

“Are you experiencing COVID-19 symptoms?” blare signs on businesses, workplaces, and other public spaces. A better follow-up question might be, “does that really matter?” From what we know about asymptomatic and pre-symptomatic transmission of the novel coronavirus, we need to have a much better testing strategy, says ProPublica reporter Caroline Chen. The problem is: we don’t.

Margaret Atwood, The Testaments

Author Margaret Atwood is perhaps best known for her 1985 novel The Handsmaid’s Tale. Her most recent novel, The Testaments, is a sequel to that book.

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