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caption: Bill Radke, David Kroman, Brandi Kruse and Knute Berger review the week's news for February 26th.
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Bill Radke, David Kroman, Brandi Kruse and Knute Berger review the week's news for February 26th.
Credit: KUOW photo/sarah leibovitz

Frasier returns and Mariners President Kevin Mather leaves, this week

Bill Radke reviews the week's news with Crosscut editor at large and host of KCTS9’s Mossback’s Northwest, Knute Berger, Q13 correspondent Brandi Kruse, and Crosscut reporter David Kroman.

Frasier is coming back. ViacomCBS says it will reboot the show and stream it on Paramount Plus - no word yet on if his co-stars will return as well. But the big question is, is Frasier coming back to Seattle?

Plus, Mariners President Kevin Mather resigned this week after a video was posted of a zoom show he did with the Bellevue Rotary Club. In it he spoke about how the team withholds money from their players, and denigrated multiple players' English skills. Are his comments representative of a larger issue with the baseball industry as a whole, or issues specific to Seattle's team?

This week the panelists also discuss how the pandemic will change Seattle - and particularly it's approach to homelessness, and downtown. The city is now using hotels as shelter, since congregate shelter settings are unsafe with the pandemic - will that continue once it's over? And what will it take for downtown to recover from such a huge loss in business?

Also, last fall a Seattle city council member proposed that people could be found not liable for misdemeanors like theft, trespass and assault if their offense could be linked to poverty or a behavioral health disorder. The proposal drew a lot of debate both locally and nationally, and now seems to have stalled in city hall. Meanwhile, two other criminal justice reform efforts have moved forward this week. The Washington Supreme Court struck down a longstanding law that made it a felony to possess illegal drugs even if you didn’t know you had them. And a bill that would restore voting rights to felons before they complete probation has passed through the state house.

Finally, the panelists also hit on what they're watching in the state legislature - including a ban on open carry, and whether or not Washington should have a capital gains tax.