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Gender norms, what a drag! Why drag exists in our sexist society

Today, everything can be a gendered experience. Think about it: even lotion and coffee have a gendered twist. Men are expected to be strong and masculine all the time. This begs the question, what happens to the men that want to defy the system?

RadioActive’s Keya Roy, Hannah Schoettmer, and Kamil Saad tackle the role of men in today’s world and how feelings and femininity fit into it.

Through the lens of drag, the three examine the repression of "feminine" traits in men and what we can do about it, featuring interviews with post-drag artist Arson Nicki and former Miss Gay Seattle 48 and Imperial Princess 37 of Seattle, DonnaTella Howe.

This podcast was created in KUOW's RadioActive Intro to Journalism Workshop for 15-18 year olds at Jack Straw Cultural Center, with production support from Noel Gasca. Edited by Lila Kitaeff.

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