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Covid levels 8/9/2022
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Credit: Public Health Seattle & King County

Has the current Covid wave 'crested' in King County?

King County's Public Health Officer Dr. Jeff Duchin says the "CoV-19 BA.5 wave appears to have crested in King County."

What exactly does "crested" mean? Dr. Duchin says Covid levels remain higher than previous spikes in King County, aside from the recent huge omicron wave, but levels are continuing to decline.

The county's online Covid dashboard now states that the community level is "low."

King County is currently averaging 562 Covid cases each day, 21% down from a week ago. Hospitalizations have increased by 19%, however (17 daily Covid hospitalizations). Only 7% of hospital beds are occupied by Covid patients.

Last week, the county had more than 200 Covid cases per 100,000 residents. This week, that metric is down to 174 cases per 100,000.

Dr. Duchin reminds people to test for Covid if they have symptoms, especially before going out and about, and hanging indoors with others. Also test if you have a known exposure, and test before leaving isolation.