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caption: Just think! This tropical yet minimalist paradise could be your home.
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Just think! This tropical yet minimalist paradise could be your home.

Influencers go green. Not all sunscreen is created equal. A memoir about marriage. And: why your team sucks.

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Houseplant culture

What is it about houseplants that appeal to people in the age of Pinterest? We asked Courtney Goetz, horticulturalist and operations manager at Northwest Flower and Garden Festival, as well as Samantha Leung, a botanical Instagram influencer.

Sunscreen for dark skin

Seattle is reputed to be one of the largest markets for sunglasses in the nation – the anecdotal reason being that you’re likely lose yours between wearings and need a new pair. When the sun IS out though, you may feel called to wear sunscreen. But not all sunscreens are meant for all people. Shontay Lundy, creator and founder of Black Girl Sunscreen, is hoping to change that.

Rick Moody: The Long Accomplishment

Rick Moody is the author of several novels, including The Ice Storm, which was made into an Ang Lee film. His new book is more personal, however: a memoir called The Long Accomplishment, about his two attempts at marriage.

Drew Magary, Why your team sucks

Why Your Team Sucks: a treatise. Every year, Deadspin columnist Drew Magary writes one for each of the 32 NFL teams. He joined Bill Radke in studio to talk about why the Seahawks suck.

Why you can trust KUOW