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How do you fight the epidemic of racism within a pandemic?

caption: Can displays of patriotism really stave off racism during a pandemic (or ever)?
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Can displays of patriotism really stave off racism during a pandemic (or ever)?

How Asian-Americans are responding to bigotry pushed into the light by COVID-19. This week’s chat with county executive Dow Constantine. A chat with a disability rights activist, and a Voice of the Pandemic.

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COVID-related discrimination against Asian-Americans

Shortly after his presidential campaign failed, former candidate Andrew Yang wrote an op-ed in the Washington Post about the racism Asian-Americans were experiencing during the COVID-19 pandemic. The answer? Out-American the Americans. But outfitting yourself in red white and blue baseball gear is a solution that can cause more problems than it solves, says Sapna Cheryan, University of Washington psychology professor.

King County Executive Dow Constantine 5.26

This weekend King County is supposed to be reopening. Right? Or not? In the absence of clear guidance from Governor Jay Inslee, Bill Radke asked King County Executive Dow Constantine.

Disability rights advocate Robyn Powell

Protesters and some politicians have said it’s time to get back to normal. That some deaths from COVID-19 are inevitable. But who are we treating as expendable? Robyn Powell is an attorney and disability rights advocate; she spoke with Bill Radke about her own experience and her hopes for the future.

Voices of the Pandemic: Sam Dancy

Sam Dancy is a three-decade veteran of grocery stores. As part of KUOW’s Voices of the Pandemic series, he shared his story about the changes that have taken place at work.

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