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An anti-police brutality protester holds a sign that calls to defund the police
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How Seattle could defund the police

City councilmembers are considering the measure. Also, a former governor takes the top job at a college during multiple upheavals. And what you’re seeing when you look at protest photos.

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Councilmember Gonzalez on defunding the police

Nationwide protests against police brutality include calls to defund, reduce, or abolish police departments. The Seattle City Council is considering defunding and demilitarization. Council President Lorena González joined Bill Radke to explain what that would look like.

Former governor Gary Locke

Tear gas and the National Guard in the streets of Seattle hearken back to the last time that happened: the WTO protests in Seattle. Yesterday we spoke with former Seattle Police Department chief Norm Stamper about the teargas; today former Governor Gary Locke discusses his decision to call in the Guard, among other things.

What these protests show us

Every protest and movement has a particular look and feel. Here in Seattle, the current protests against police brutality involve black clothing, colorful umbrellas, and mirrors. Nationwide, striking videos have gripped viewers and continued to bring people into the street. Vox’s visuals editor Kainaz Amaria says that’s no accident.