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How to avoid crowded hiking trails this summer

caption: Crowd of people hiking in the woods
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Crowd of people hiking in the woods

Tips and tricks from a National Park Expert. Single-family zoning is practically gospel in America. Seattle isn't the only city in the midst of a homelessness crisis. Presidential hopefuls are open to the idea of expanding the Supreme Court. And did you know WA state has the hardest driving test in the country?

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Douglas Scott, National Park Expert

Tomorrow's the first day of summer and you might want to celebrate by finding a good camping spot or hiking trail. Just be aware you won't be the only person to have that idea.

Emily Badger, New York Times

Why so many American cities, including Seattle, are moving back toward density a century after they intentionally shifted away from it.

Matt Tinoco, KPCC and Kate Walters, KUOW

Today activists in Los Angeles are serving the mayor with a notice of intent for recall over how the city is handling homelessness. Sound familiar?

Lisa Manheim, UW Law School

Governor Jay Inslee says he's open to the idea of expanding the Supreme Court if he gets elected as President. But could he actually do that? And how would it work?

Don Kitch Jr, ProFormance Racing School

A study done by a personal injury law firm found that Washington State has the most difficult driver’s license test in America. But our guest thinks WA's tests aren’t hard enough.

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