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How to rethink gendered insults

caption: Wordslut by Amanda Montell.
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Wordslut by Amanda Montell.
KUOW Photo/Alison Bruzek

The author of "Wordslut" on reclaiming the English language. Washington state's new 2020 laws. And how to pay less attention to your phone.

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Amanda Montell, "Wordslut"

Bill Radke talks to Amanda Montell, author of "Wordslut: A feminist guide to taking back the English language."

Jerry Cornfield, WA's new laws

Bill Radke talks to Jerry Cornfield, reporter at The Daily Herald in Everett, about the new state laws that took effect January 1, 2020.

Nir Eyal, Indistractable

Bill Radke talks to Nir Eyal, author of "Indistractable."

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