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January 29th | 'I just wanted to be somebody,' says Henry Winkler (who will make you cry)

caption: Actor and author Henry Winkler with the final book of 29 (!) in the Hank Zipzer series.
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Actor and author Henry Winkler with the final book of 29 (!) in the Hank Zipzer series.
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In addition to being the Fonz and so much else, Winkler is the author of a young adult series about a boy very much like him. The Gates Foundation just cut their generous parental leave policy in half. What will that mean for new parents? And is Washington on track to get its own version of the GDPR?

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Henry Winkler + Hank Zipzer

Prepare to tear up while listening to this interview with Henry Winkler – no, seriously. Along with co-author Lin Oliver, the actor has written a series of books about a dyslexic kid named Hank Zipzer. Winkler, who’s also dyslexic, said he didn’t read a book himself until he was 31 and already playing Arthur Fonzarelli in Happy Days. He spoke about his life, and his desire to be something (which, we’d argue, he’s achieved in spades).

Gates Foundation parental leave

The Gates Foundation made headlines in 2015 when they announced new parents would get 1yr of paid leave. But this year they scaled that back to 6 months and a taxable stipend. We spoke to Christy Johnson of Artemis Connection and Claire LeBeau, assistant professor at Seattle University, about what that will mean for new parents.

Will WA get a GDPR of its own?

Europe passed a regulation last year called the General Data Protection Regulation, or GDPR, that led to Google getting hit with big fines this week for inadequate transparency around privacy. Here in Washington, lawmakers in Olympia are pushing for similar laws. Hugh Spitzer, professor at the University of Washington Law School, explained.

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