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caption: Microsoft has slipped out of the role of sometime local villain.
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Microsoft has slipped out of the role of sometime local villain.

In the rush to shade Amazon, have we forgotten about Microsoft?

Why people see the two tech giants in different lights. Why the snow forecast was so extravagantly wrong. And why you might choose to continue sleeping outside, despite the cold.

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Microsoft president Brad Smith

Many of the conversations around corporate conduct have focused on one behemoth: Amazon. But before there was Amazon, there was a little company called Microsoft. President Brad Smith spoke with Bill Radke about the company’s ambitious carbon strategy, as well as its controversial collaboration with immigration enforcement.

The Case of the Phantom Snow

Checking the 10-day forecast can be a crapshoot – at one point, six inches of snow were forecast for this relatively clear day. Why are winter weather predictions so often wrong? We asked Scott Sistek, web meteorologist for KOMO News.

Joshua Tritt, Homeless in Seattle

From the outside, it seems easy to judge the decisions of folks sleeping without shelter. If it’s below freezing, why wouldn’t you go into a shelter? There are a lot of reasons ranging from a desire to stay clean to social anxiety. Joshua Tritt is homeless and lives in Seattle. He spoke about his life with Bill Radke. Josh also maintains a blog, which you can check out at