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caption: Unite America, the parent organization of the departed Washington Independents PAC.
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Unite America, the parent organization of the departed Washington Independents PAC.
Credit: Courtesy Unite America Facebook page

Is centrism dead in Washington state politics?

Why Don’t We Go For What We Say We Want: Political Centrist Edition. So is socialism the answer instead? And why aren’t people going into the trades?

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Washington Independents PAC

In 2017, Brian Baird and Chris Vance made a bet. They were sure that there was room for a political center in Washington, and founded a PAC called Washington Independents that was dedicated to supporting centrist independent candidates. Today they lost that bet; the PAC is shutting down. If voters want a centrist alternative, why don’t they vote that way? We asked former congressman Brian Baird, as well as Samara Klar, professor of political science at the University of Arizona.

Bhaskar Sunkara: The Socialist Manifesto

In the not-so-distant past, it was not cool to call yourself a socialist. Now three out of the top four money-raising candidates for Seattle City Council are either socialists or socialist-leaning. Is this the future of the Democratic? And what does that mean for Democrats who aren’t sold? Bhaskar Sunkara is the founder of the magazine Jacobin; he sat down with Ross Reynolds to discuss his new book The Socialist Manifesto: The Case for Radical Politics in an Era of Extreme Inequality.

Who's going into trades?

It’s a tight job market and employers are scrambling to offer bonuses and incentives. This is true for tech companies – but also for auto repair shops, plumbers and construction companies, electrician contractors. Why aren’t people going into trades anymore? We asked Kandie Jennings, owner of Tom’s Automotive, and Nick Albritton, Outreach and Recruitment Specialist at South Seattle College.