Looking over the plane's shoulder in regret.
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Looking over the plane's shoulder in regret.

Is “flygskam” creeping up on you at the airport?

Guilty flying. WA Democrats jump on the impeachment train. Restaurant workers are in high demand, and the Seattle Times’ chief restaurant critic signs off.

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John Ryan on flight shame

Can you care about the environment AND be a frequent flyer? Or do you just fly anyway, while feeling guilty? KUOW’s John Ryan has been reporting on a phenomenon called “flight shame.”

WA Democrats for impeachment

Over 100 House Democrats have announced their support for impeachment proceedings of the president. But House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who’s arguably one of the three most powerful people in Washington, insists it’s a nonstarter. All seven Washington state Democracts have joined the call; we asked Tina Podlodowski, chair of the Washington State Democrats, to tell us more.

Restaurant worker shortage

Looking for a high demand career? Bakery worker might be a good one to set your sights on. 41% of restaurants have expressed difficulty in finding and keeping employees. Brittany Bardeleben of Dahlia Bakery offers her thoughts about why (and a call for applications).

Providence Cicero reflects

Speaking of food: Providence Cicero has been the chief restaurant critic at the Seattle Times for 20 years. She’s putting down her fork and pen, and joined Ross Reynolds to talk about her farewell column.