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caption: Soda shelves at grocery store
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Soda shelves at grocery store

Is Seattle's soda tax succeeding or failing?

Seattle's been taxing sweetened beverages for over a year now. Meet the first-ever LGBTQ committee chair of the NAACP. We get a Boeing update from the Paris Air Show. And retired soccer star Abby Wambach talks about the fight for equal pay in women's sports.

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Kevin Schofield, Seattle City Council Insight

Seattle's sweetened beverage tax has raised a lot more money than expected, but that money is being used differently from how supporters promised it would be.

DeAunte' Damper, NAACP

The Seattle chapter has appointed a chairperson focused on LGBTQ issues. This is the first position of its kind for the NAACP - not only in Seattle, but in the entire country.

Tim Jue, Aviation Journalist

It's the third day of the Paris Air Show, the world's biggest aerospace-industry exhibition. Tim calls in to give us an update on Boeing.

Abby Wambach, Wolfpack

A couple of months ago retired Olympic gold medalist and Women's World cup champion, Abby Wambach, talked to us about her new book and her fight for equal pay in women's soccer.