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caption: Tfw you inherit an entire region's traffic problems.
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Tfw you inherit an entire region's traffic problems.

Is this the worst job in Seattle?

A warm welcome to the new head of SDOT. We find out more about the skinhead group behind a Lynnwood attack, plus an update on the private surveillance coming to a public space near you.

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New SDOT leader

Jenny Durkan has just announced her pick for head of Seattle’s Transportation Department, Sam Zimbabwe. He’s got his work cut out for him. Crosscut’s David Kroman takes a look at some of the challenges he’ll inherit.

Vulcan surveillance

How much surveillance are you okay with? Highway speed traps? Convenience store cameras? What about weapons scanners in the plaza above a light rail station? Those scanners are on their way to the International District light rail station courtesy of Paul Allen’s company Vulcan. Mark Harris wrote the story for Geekwire.

David Neiwert, Alt-America

Last week a DJ in Lynnwood was beaten by over a dozen men. They were part of a skinhead group called the Hammerskin Nation. They and other white supremacist groups have a long history in the Northwest, says Dave Neiwert. He studies alt-right groups in the region, and wrote a new book called Alt-America: The Rise of the Radical Right in Trump’s America.

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