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'It's a sad day': Seattle pastor on the overturning of Roe v Wade

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While reporting on breaking news that the Supreme Court officially overturned Roe v Wade Friday morning, KUOW Reporter Kate Walters reached out to local clergy for their response.

Pastor Derek Lane with Seattle's Maranatha Seventh-day Adventists Church sent the following comments, allowing KUOW to reprint them here.

At 8:57 this morning, shortly after the decision was announced, I received a voice recording of the decision from one of my church members.

I shared a two-worded response. "Sad day"

It's sad because there is an assumption that all people of faith stand in solidarity with this decision. While my own particular religious denomination recognizes the multi-layered aspects of the debate, it does lean towards a more conservative stance and emphasizes the sanctity of life.

But upon closer examination people of faith within my faith tradition as well as many others who represent a 'silent majority' have long recognized another valuable and equally important aspect of faith, and that is freedom. The Bible and all other sacred texts recognize the value of both life and freedom and do not see it as a zero-sum game.

As a faith-based leader and community activist I lean towards freedom because that is what I see my sacred text and values promote above all else.

It's a sad day because the same court that restricts freedom and promotes life by denying women the right to choose also expands that same freedom to make it easier to take a life by granting permission to carry a concealed gun outside of the home.

It's a sad day because abortion providers will now have to close their doors to the poor and BIPOC communities who already experience limited healthcare options because of economic injustice in our healthcare system.

It's a sad day because we have finally exposed the hypocrisy of a system and society that places more value on life before the womb than after. We expend energy, resources, and a half century to protect the unborn but deny them fair housing, free healthcare, and a living wage.

It's a sad day...

Hope this helps.

Derek Lane

Pastor, Maranatha SDA Church

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