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caption: The OG crooner, Marvin Gaye.
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The OG crooner, Marvin Gaye.

"Find a way to find the songs you love"

Odes d’amour through the ages. Love advice from the youth. Treating the coronavirus. And The Rescuers Down Under IRL.

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SassyBlack on songs of love

What’s your favorite love song? And how has the music of love changed over time? Bill Radke spoke with singer/songwriter SassyBlack, and took listener calls.

Kids on Love

We also got some advice on love from a few elementary school students, courtesy of The Bureau of Fearless Ideas.

Coronavirus treatment

Seattle has quarantine centers set up to handle the coronavirus. But if you test positive, how will they treat you? Dr. John Lynch is medical director of Infection Prevention and Control at Harborview Medical Center. He says that, like most of medicine, the main priority is buying your body time until the immune system recovers enough to fight back on its own.

Jeff Lendrum, The Falcon Thief

Two years ago, a man named Jeff Lendrum was stopped at Heathrow airport. In addition to the suitcase in his hand, he also had the eggs of 19 rare birds strapped to his body under a heavy coat, from vultures to falcons. All together they were worth over a hundred thousand dollars. The wild story is documented in Joshua Hammer’s new book The Falcon Thief: A True Tale of Adventure, Treachery, and the Hunt for the Perfect Bird.