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caption: Physicist and mathematician Brian Greene 
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Physicist and mathematician Brian Greene
Credit: Courtesy of Brian Greene

Let’s do the Entropic 2-step again!

Here’s a Leap Day treat for you: an exploration of the nature of the universe from the acclaimed physicist Brian Greene.

Look forward to a wide-ranging discussion that touches on The Second Law of Thermodynamics, human consciousness, materialism, how evolution equipped us to survive, quantum mechanics, the future of artificial intelligence and an argument for why you don’t have free will, among other things.

Brian Greene is a professor of physics and mathematics, and the director of The Center for Theoretical Physics at Columbia University. The Washington Post called him “the single best explainer of abstruse concepts in the world today.”

Greene’s new book is Until the End of Time: Mind, Matter, and Our Search for Meaning in an Evolving Universe. He spoke with KUOW’s Ross Reynolds on February 27 at the University Temple United Methodist Church. University Book Store presented the event.