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caption: KUOW's host of The Record and Week in Review, Bill Radke, on stage at a live event. 
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KUOW's host of The Record and Week in Review, Bill Radke, on stage at a live event.

The Year in Review! With Luke Burbank, Angela Garbes, Phyllis Fletcher. Fun!

Bill Radke reviews some of our favorite stories of the year with Angela Garbes, Seattle author of Like a Mother, Luke Burbank, host of Live Wire and the podcast Too Beautiful to Live, and Phyllis Fletcher, senior editor at APM Podcasts.

This is not the week, not the month, but the Year in Review! We asked our panelists to tell us about their favorite stories from this year, including the OK Boomer meme, the legalization of human composting, and why there are so many dead bulls turning up in rural Oregon.

We also discuss the huge increase in detention of migrant children by ICE, and the resulting protests.

And no New Years party is complete without guests! We invited former Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn to talk his top stories in Seattle politics. Salon TV critic Melanie McFarland also joined us to talk her favorite shows, and what they all have in common.

Subpop co-founder Jonathan Poneman stopped by to reminisce on the Seattle music scene of old, and discuss what it's like now.

Michael-Shawn Dugar, Seahawks writer for the Athletic, explained why the Patriots are definitely bigger cheaters than the Seahawks, and how the NFL pushed the snooze button on addressing social justice issues.

And we spoke to our person of the year — someone who made a big impact on how we look at Seattle.

David Sowers is the former deputy program administrator on the Viaduct replacement. He spent the entire decade working on it, from making the plan, to dealing with the tunneling machine Big Bertha breaking down, to finally seeing the project completed.