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caption: Signs on a fence that contain positive messages to inspire hope.
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Signs on a fence that contain positive messages to inspire hope.
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Making it through the disillusionment phase

Mental health during the pandemic, rebuilding Malden, and spring gardening advice.

How do you stay mentally healthy during a pandemic? Bill Radke spoke to disaster clinical psychologist Kira Mauseth about her recommendations. Plus a check in with the wildfire ravaged town of Malden, and spring gardening advice from Ciscoe Morris.

Kira Mauseth on Mental Health

It’s been a year of living through a pandemic. And while we’re starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel, there’s still a ways to go. It can be hard to keep coping mechanisms strong. So how do you stay mentally healthy right now? Kira Mauseth, disaster clinical psychologist and co-lead of Washington’s Behavioral Health Strike Team, has some answers.

A check in with Malden, WA

Last fall the eastern Washington towns of Pine City and Malden, near Spokane, were nearly burned to the ground by a fast-moving blaze now called the Babb Wildfire. Upwards of 85% of both towns were destroyed. Last month the towns were finally approved for Federal aid to help them rebuild. So how is that rebuilding process going? Bill Radke checked in with Malden Town Councilor Scott Hokonson.

Gardening advice with Ciscoe Morris

Spring is mere weeks away, which means it’s time to start prepping your garden! Gardening expert, TV and radio personality, and author Ciscoe Morris shares his tips on getting your garden ready for the season.