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caption: Microsoft's headquarters in Redmond, Washington in 2014.
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Microsoft's headquarters in Redmond, Washington in 2014.
Credit: AP Photo/Ted S. Warren

Microsoft takes California privacy law in stride, extends to rest of the country

California has a new digital rights law that gives people control over their personal information starting in January.

Microsoft says it will honor that law and extend it to the rest of the United States.

The law gives people the right to know what information businesses have about them, the right to get that information deleted, and the right to stop businesses from selling personal data.

Google and Facebook are not fans of California's new law. Amazon has told Congress it's confusing and difficult to comply with.

However, Microsoft is embracing the new law and will extend the rights to users throughout the U.S.

Big tech companies, including Microsoft, say they want a federal law and not a blizzard of state laws on digital privacy.