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Need to quit vaping? There’s an app for that.

How to quit vaping. How to think about sex in the future. How to access raw emotion. And how to get through a favorite movie death.

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How to quit vaping

Vaping was heralded as a way to help people quit smoking. But now Washington state wants teens and young adults to quit vaping – and, of course, there’s an app for that. Dr. Vin Gupta is a pulmonologist at the University of Washington School of Medicine; he joined Jeannie Yandel to explain how it works.

Jeanette Winterson, Frankisstein

Jeanette Winterson’s new novel travels from Mary Shelley’s creation of Frankenstein to AI sexbots in a very near future. She spoke about the new book, called Frankisstein, with Ross Reynolds.

Shea Serrano, Movies (And Other Things)

Is there a movie death that just gets you? One that you can’t help but sob at, even just as the music starts to swell? Shea Serrano, staff writer for The Ringer, got to include his own favorites in a new book: Movies (And Other Things).