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The Newspaper Business, Northwest Orcas, Boudoir Photography, And Greendays

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Flickr Photo/Ingrid Taylar

The Business Of Newspapers

Jeff Bezos, Chief Executive of just bought the Washington Post for $250 million. Billionaires have been buying up newspapers, from Bezos to the owner of the Boston Red Sox who just bought The Boston Globe. Why invest in an industry that is struggling? And what does this mean for the medium itself? Hanson Hosein, director of the Masters of Communication in Leadership at the University of Washington, explains the business of media.

Puget Sound Orcas

The Pacific Legal Foundation in Sacramento proposed a petition last year to de-list orcas from the Endangered Species list. They were petitioning on behalf of California farmers facing water restrictions in areas salmon inhabit. This week the federal government reconfirmed that the Puget Sound orcas are in fact endangered because they are a distinct population, not a part of the larger North Pacific population. KUOW’s Ashley Ahearn explains the lawsuit.

On The Job: Boudoir Photography

In the 1980s, women captured their seductive side at a “glamour shots” studio at the mall. In modern Seattle, women are having boudoir pictures taken. Christina Mallet is the photographer behind Katrinka’s Secret. Producer Katy Sewall shadows her on the job.

Greendays Gardening Panel

Our gardening panel includes a flower expert, native plant expert, and vegetable gardening expert. They answer your gardening questions every Tuesday.

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