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‘No shoes, no shirt, no mask, no service.”

caption: A gentle reminder.
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The county executive wades into the debate on mask wearing, and more. The nine lost days at LifeCare Center that allowed coronavirus to explode. The second half of our conversation with a homelessness services provider. And more voices of the pandemic.

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Dow Constantine 4.28

CDC guidance says that people should be wearing masks to help keep from spreading coronavirus. Here in King County, it’s more of a polite suggestion. County Executive Dow Constantine joined Bill Radke, as he does every Tuesday, to talk masks as well as reopening public recreation and longterm considerations for area transit.

Lost Days: Ashley + Isolde

Today, America is more than three months into its fight against the novel coronavirus, which has likely been circulating in the country since late last year. But in February, we didn’t know any of that. All the employees at a small Kirkland eldercare facility knew was that they were seeing a sharp spike in cases of respiratory illness, but all the flu tests were coming back negative…

Dawn Whitson, homeless outreach coordinator at Evergreen

Dawn Whitson coordinates homeless outreach for Evergreen Treatment Center. Last week she spoke with Bill Radke about the logistics of her work right now. Today, she told the story of what it’s been like for her personally.

Voices of the Pandemic: Theresa Tobin, Ruby Grobe-Gray

Today, KUOW’s Voices of the Pandemic series speaks with bus driver Theresa Tobin, as well as Ruby Grobe-Gray. Ruby is the primary caretaker for her husband, who has Alzheimer’s. These days, that involves explaining to him, over and over, that we are in the midst of an unprecedented pandemic.

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