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caption: Paul Chiyokten Wagner at Ampersand Live 
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Paul Chiyokten Wagner at Ampersand Live
Credit: Courtesy of Jen Au

Ampersand Magazine live show: Edgy and nerdy

Once a year, Ampersand Magazine puts on a live show. The event culls ideas, artists and initiatives the Ampersand staff found swirling up in another spin around the sun.

The hope is to put on “a somewhat edgy, somewhat nerdy, always engaging showcase for a dozen diverse voices.” As you’ll hear, they more than succeeded. The mix of music and truth and storytelling is just what we need this time of year.

Ampersand Magazine is a production of Forterra, a powerhouse land conservation non-profit with a broad mission to promote sustainability in our natural, built and social realms. This year’s program was curated by Seattle musician Tomo Nakayama. The full program includes the following participants:

  • Michelle Connor | CEO & President, Forterra
  • Ken Workman | 4th generation grandson of Chief Sealth
  • Paul Chiyokten Wagner | Musician
  • Anna Brones | Illustrator/Author
  • Whitney Mongé | Singer/Songwriter
  • Natalie Mutter | Dancer
  • Stefan Gruber | Animator
  • Neil Welch | Saxophonist
  • Greg Lundgren | Museum of Museums
  • Dakota Camacho | Multi-Disciplinary Artist
  • Tamara Power-Drutis | Storyteller
  • Black Stax | Musical Duo
  • Inye Wokoma | Visual Artist
  • Shin Yu Pai | Poet
  • Sera Cahoone | Singer/Songwriter
  • Judy Twedt | Climate Scientist
  • House Band: Tomo Nakayama, Alina To and Chris Icasiano

Ampersand Live 2019 took place on November 7 at The Moore Theatre. Seattle Channel provided our recording.