Real vs fake Christmas trees: who wore it best?
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Real vs fake Christmas trees: who wore it best?

O Tannenbaum: is there a war on Christmas trees?

Christmas tree season is upon us: where are you on the real v. fake divide? Also, how do you feel about your medical devices spying on you? Frank Chopp is stepping down as House Speaker, and one man shares the practices that helped him survive death row.

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Real or fake Christmas tree: who wore it best?

A Charlie Brown Christmas is an ode to real Christmas trees. But in the age of a warming planet, is it time to rethink how we handle indoor forest life? Northwest News Network correspondent Anna King separates the real news from the fake on what kind of tree is best for the planet.

Are your medical devices snitches?

You know that when you monitor your sleep or your blood sugar or heart rate, the devices are collecting your data. What you might not know is that they’re also SHARING your data – not only with your doctor, but in some cases with your insurance company. ProPublica reporter Marshall Allen reports.

Frank Chopp steps aside

The longest-serving House Speaker in Washington State history, Frank Chopp, is laying down his gavel. He says he’ll stay in office and focus on issues like mental health treatment. A few years back, he spoke to KUOW’s Ross Reynolds about his childhood in Bremerton.

Damien Echols

Damien Echols spent over 18 years in maximum security prisons, awaiting death row. Eventually released due to prosecutorial misconduct, he’s written a new book about what kept him going in solitary confinement. It’s called High Magick: A Guide to Spiritual Practices that Saved My Life on Death Row; he spoke with Ross Reynolds about his experiences on the inside, as well as once he got out.

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