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Pamela Reed's New Play, And Brian Greene On The Cosmos

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Art Of Our City

What happens when the liberal-minded daughter of conservative parents decides to write a tell-all memoir? That’s the premise behind “Other Desert Cities,” a new play opening this week at ACT Theatre. Actress Pamela Reed, best known for her role in the television show Parks and Recreation, plays the mother. We’ll ask her about the play and her acting career.

Understanding The Multiverse

If the universe we live in is just one of many other universes, how did we come to be and can we reconcile our own inferiority? Columbia University theoretical physicist Brian Greene has been exploring the world of cosmology for nearly four decades. His research seeks to find answers to questions about time and space, the world we inhabit, and how we can better understand it. In addition to explaining the universe, Greene also penned the children’s book “Icarus at the Edge of Time.” Now "Icarus" is on the stage in a multimedia drama that features an original orchestral score by Philip Glass. We’ll talk with Greene about the staging of his scientific children’s book and about the latest secrets the universe has revealed.

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