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Racist email sent to WWU students via school's online learning platform

caption: Western Washington University
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Western Washington University
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Officials at Western Washington University are investigating another case of bigotry on campus.

University officials sent a letter to families Monday, notifying them of racist threats made toward Black students last weekend. The school added that there is no immediate threat. The letter states:

"On Saturday, students in three courses received a racist email encouraging violence against Black students. The message is deeply offensive and strikes at the heart of our values and community. Police and Information Technology are investigating how and by whom that message was sent. We are relieved to share that there are no other indicators of an elevated risk of racially-targeted violence on campus."

The emails were specifically sent through WWU Canvas online learning system, which is accessed by students and staff. IT investigators are attempting to find out how the message was sent in that system.

The Bellingham Herald reports that the student government president said on social media that a racist caricature of Black people was recently drawn in chalk at the university's Red Square.

WWU has experience such racist incidents before. Last month, students found anti-Semitic and white supremacist graffiti on a message board at the student center. In 2018, school officials were responding to similar incidents of racist graffiti on campus. In 2017, more antisemitic incidents occurred on campus. In 2016, swastikas appeared on campus. During this time, the university formed an antisemitism task force to address the incidents.

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