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Raising a red flag on potential mass shooters

If you see something and say something: what happens next? Sub Pop’s rise to greatness. Mass extinction on the horizon. And Seattle waves farewell to a noted chef.

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Extreme risk protection

In light of this weekend’s mass shootings, a look at the laws Washington and other states have in place to get firearms out of high risk hands. Journalist Alex Yablon reports on so-called red flag laws for The Trace; in our state they’re called Extreme Risk Protection Orders. King County Prosecutor Kim Wyatt seeks to have that law applied, and explained how it works and how it’s being used.

Gillian Garr, World Domination

Sub Pop is the cauldron that Seattle’s grunge scene was born from. But it started out as a fan zine in Olympia. Music writer Gillian Garr followed the label’s rise to greatness in her book World Domination: The Sub Pop Records Story.

The great dying

The earth has faced several mass extinctions in the past. The dinosaurs’ demise at the hands of an asteroid is probably the most well-known, but we might be heading into an even bigger extinction called “the great dying.” Justin Penn is an oceanography researcher at the University of Washington.

Jerry Traunfeld says goodbye

One of Seattle’s most influential chefs is calling it quits. Jerry Traunfeld’s restaurant Poppy closed yesterday after more than a decade. KUOW’s Ruby de Luna gave the chef an exit interview of sorts.

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