Dr. Sylvia Tara at Town Hall Seattle
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Dr. Sylvia Tara at Town Hall Seattle
Credit: KUOW Photo/Sonya Harris

This scientist wanted to lose weight. Instead she learned fat was her frenemy

Dr. Sylvia Tara has struggled with weight issues for much of her life. After gaining a substantial amount of weight following the birth of her children, she committed herself to finding a way to lose the pounds and keep them off. That decision led her to an exploration of what exactly fat is, how it may harm us and how it actually helps us survive.

She channeled her discoveries into her new book “The Secret Life of Fat: The Science Behind the Body's Least Understood Organ and What It Means For You.”

KUOW’s Ruby de Luna spoke with Sylvia Tara at Town Hall Seattle on January 9. Sonya Harris recorded their talk.

Listen to the full version of the talk below: