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SeaTac raises minimum wage to highest in the nation, city says

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The city of SeaTac is raising its minimum wage for hospitability and transportation workers, starting in 2023.

The city points to data from the UC Berkley Labor Center which indicates SeaTac will have the highest minimum wage in the nation. Baseline pay for these workers will increase from the current $17.54 an hour to $19.06 in 2023.

It's an 8.66% increase in pay, spurred by recent inflation that is plaguing workers. SeaTac's minimum wage affects "hospitality and transportation" jobs as defined in the city's code.

By comparison, Seattle's minimum wage is going up to $18.69 an hour next year.

Washington state's minimum wage is also on the rise. It will move up to $15.74 in January. That ranks it as the highest state minimum wage in the USA.

Read more about the rise in Seattle and Washington state's minimum wage here.

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