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caption: Bill Radke showing off his at home recording set up.
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Bill Radke showing off his at home recording set up.
Credit: KUOW photo/ bill Radke

Seattle's two outbreaks, this week

Bill Radke talks the week's news with Joni Balter of Civic Cocktail, Scott Greenstone of the Seattle Times, and Marcus Green of South Seattle Emerald.

Seattle has shut down the CenturyLink Field hospital before it ever saw a patient, and sent 400 ventilators back to the federal government. Is this an overly optimistic decision?

And the coronavirus isn't the only outbreak currently happening in Seattle. Homeless communities are seeing an increase in Hepatitis A cases. What is the city doing to contain this outbreak?

Also, while the coronavirus may not discriminate, early data from the CDC shows that it is having a disproportionate impact on communities of color and low impact communities. Are we seeing similar data from Seattle?

Finally. Capitol Hill Block Party is officially canceled, along with a lot of other local festivals and events. What will this year's summer look like?