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'Seismic' literature inspires and changes Seattle through story

caption: The Seismic anthology
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The Seismic anthology
Courtesy of Seattle City of Literature. Cover art by Mita Mahato

Do you ever forget what you love about Seattle, or become upset by the ways it is changing? As time marches on, through boom and bust, good health and pandemic, the heart and the ghosts of this city surround us.

Perhaps we lose touch sometimes. Perhaps we zone out. People who pay attention to these things as a way of life can help us tune back in.

This event is a sort of celebration, meditation, wake, and call to action, all in one, for this place, our people, and our literary imaginations. In 2017, Seattle was named a City of Literature by UNESCO, the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization. The designation connects us to other cities so named around the world.

The occasion was the publication of Seismic: Seattle, City of Literature, a collection of essays and poems about literature and social change, curated by author and journalist Kristen Millares Young. The work was published by Seattle City of Literature, a nonprofit organization dedicated to serving Seattle’s literary community by connecting it to the world.

Seattle Public Library hosted this virtual gathering, in partnership with Seattle City of Literature, on September 15. SPL’s Stesha Brandon made the introductions. Kristen Millares Young served as moderator. Participants in the full event include Rena Priest, Jourdan Imani Keith, Mattilda Bernstein Sycamore, Dujie Tahat, Anastacia-Renee, Wei-Wei Lee, Claudia Castro Luna and Ken Workman.

Seismic is available in free print editions from local independent bookstores and digitally on the Seattle City of Literature.

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