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Should museums take corporate money?

caption: Seattle Art Museum
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When should museums turn down big money? How can you keep hackers from getting into your security camera? Why did the Scandies Rose sink? And what is it like to be Seahawks QB Russell Wilson?

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Museums and Corporate Money

Bill Radke speaks to Susie Wilkening, a museum consultant based in Seattle, about whether museums should take corporate money, and how they're decolonizing.

Amazon Ring Lawsuit

Bill Radke talks to Todd Bishop, co-founder and editor of Geekwire, about the hacks into the Amazon Ring security camera and the lawsuit that has followed.

Safety and the Scandies Rose

Bill Radke speaks to Joe Stacy, maritime lawyer at Stacey and Jacobsen, about the lost lives in the sinking of the Scandies Rose off the coast of Alaska, and how safe these ships are.

Kurt Streeter, Russell Wilson

Bill Radke talks to Kurt Streeter, sports reporter at the New York Times, about Seahawks QB Russell Wilson.

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