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Should Washington State Get Out Of The Prepaid Tuition Business?

Increases in tuition and investment shortfalls have left Washington state's Guaranteed Education Tuition (GET) program with a nearly 20 percent funding gap. Senate Majority Leader Rodney Tom says it's time for the state to get out of the prepaid tuition business. Tom says that if everyone now enrolled in the program wanted their money right now, the program would be short $631 million. The State Actuary puts the chances of GET not being able to meet its obligations at about one percent. Should Washington state end the GET program? We take a closer look.

Also this hour: If something were to happen to you today, would you have a signed will? How about a life insurance policy? Chanel Reynolds quickly realized she didn’t have a written plan when her husband died unexpectedly. To help others avoid her experience, she started a website to guide people through estate planning. She joins us with advice. Plus, Seattle lost a record store but may be regaining a pro basketball team. We talk over these stories and more with writer Lindy West, musician John Roderick and filmmaker Jason Reid.

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