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SNL comedian reckons with character, 'Pat'

caption: Comedian Julia Sweeney, formerly of Saturday Night Live.
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Comedian Julia Sweeney, formerly of Saturday Night Live.

Comedian Julia Sweeney reflects on her androgynous character. The strangest technology ideas at this year's Consumer Electronics Show. Who got snubbed an Oscar nomination. And the true story of a Lynnwood rape case.

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Julia Sweeney, "Older and Wider"

Bill Radke talks to comedian Julia Sweeney, about her SNL character Pat, and her comedy show at the Neptune Theater on February 1, 2020, "Older and Wider."

Taylor Soper, Consumer Electronics Show

Bill Radke speaks to Geekwire's Managing Editor Taylor Soper about the strangest tech he saw at the annual Consumer Electronics Show.

Kathy Fennessy, Oscar Nominations

Bill Radke speaks to Kathy Fennessy, Seattle Film Critics Society member and reviewer for the Seattle Film Blog, about the Oscar nominations out now.

Ayelet Waldman, "Unbelievable"

A re-airing of our interview with Ayelet Waldman, co-producer of the Netflix series, "Unbelievable," based on reporting by ProPublica and The Marshall Project that investigated the rape of an 18-year-old in Lynwood, Washington. The series won a Critic's Choice Award over the weekend.

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